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We are the No.1 site for online training related to supporting people with disabilities in their communities.

Training Resource Network (TRN), Inc. has been providing resources on community life for people with disabilities for over 30 years. From supported employment to transition, supported living to systematic instruction, we offer cutting edge practices that can be used by agencies, families, people with disabilities, and others. Our online training has been taken by over 3,000 users. We are continually upgrading content and our platform to ensure the best results for our users. Learn more about our courses.

Our online training includes many different approaches for all kinds of learners. We utilize video, text and images, audio, interactive activities, test your knowledge reviews, and downloadable forms, resources, and readings. 

By registering, our members can join groups of interest and participate in discussion forums.

Successful completion of any of our online training programs will result in a Certificate of Completion, which can be downloaded by the trainee. 

We offer various subscription options so that you can select the access levels of training that fits your needs.Learn more about our subscription levels.

We have new visual resume templates that you can customize for job seekers. Learn more about our visual resume templates. 

Check out our forms you can put right to use for training, career planning, marketing and more. Learn more about our forms. 

Purchase access to our online Job Match Assessment and get a quantifiable score as to how well a prospective job fits a job seeker. Learn more. 

How Subscriptions Work

One Person Access: Multiple Courses
Instead a buying several courses, you can purchase a single person membership. A core membership gives you access to to introductory concepts, such as Orientation to Disabilities, Normalization, Person-Centered Planning and more. Premium membership adds our employment level courses.

Agency Access: Courses for Multiple Staff
An agency can purchase 1 to 10 slots (price reflects slots) and is then give a code. Staff, using the code, can subscribe to staff membership and will have full access to all training.

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